Consulting and Systems Integration

Information Technology (IT) Consultancy

An IT audit is a verification-oriented process, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of established policies and procedures for the implementation and proper use of information technologies in any field.
Our offer is broader than the simple detection of errors, we propose a decision making to correct the errors if they exist and improve the form of action. An IT audit includes a series of checks, verifications, and trials that conclude in a set of recommendations and an action Plan.

Consulting and SOFTWARE licenses marketing.

All users of the organizations use software during their daily work: PC operating system, office automation software, server operating system, etc. and each manufacturer, has different licensing modalities adaptable to each type of company or institution.
To make a good investment in the moment of acquiring licenses, it is essential the personalized advising of specialized consultants in both licensing and in technology, that orient it in the decision of which product to buy and which is the best Way to license it.


Consulting and sale of SOFTWARE licenses.
It is a new model of service delivery of business and technology, which allows the company to access a catalogue of standardized services and to meet the necessities of its business, in a flexible and adaptive way, in case of unforeseeable demands or of peaks of Work, paying only for the consumption made.